Man Drowns Trying to Save His Sons St. Peter’s Bay, June 25, 1907

On a fine morning in June 1907, the two sons of Clifford Arnold of Midgell went fishing in St. Peter’s Harbour, PEI. The boys were fishing outside the bar at the entrance to the harbour when a sea breeze sprang up. The father became worried about his two sons and thought they may have some difficulty getting back into the harbour across the bar. He started out to find them in a dory to help them get safely home. He didn’t realize that they had started for home and were able to cross the bar without difficulty.

Mr. Arnold had the misfortune of having his dory upset by the heavy breakers which were crashing over the sandbar, and he drowned. The event was witnessed by about 60 people who had gathered to watch the boats coming back into the harbour. The spectators were helpless to help the father after his dory was capsized. His body was found the next day on the shore of the harbour after being deposited by the tide.

Clifford Arnold was born in Nova Scotia on  January 11, 1861 and had moved to the area from Nova Scotia about 6 years previous to his death. He was survived by his wife, Eliza Jane Buell, 3 sons and 4 daughters. He is buried in the Midgell Cemetery.

Sources: Guardian, June 27, 1907; Guardian, October 15, 1957; Guardian, January 6, 1953;

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